What to wear for your Autumn Portraits

Autumn is now well and truly underway and I’m determined that giving an extra thought to your groups outfits, really can make all the difference to your portraits.

With the weather being so changeable, it’s incredibly important that you don’t get cold, especially your children. So layer up with t-shirts, jumpers, cardigans, hats, gloves and scarfs. This way we can remove layers if the weather is great, but we also aren’t caught out if there is a cold wind and no sun.



  • First, ask yourself what look you’re going for?  Bright and colorful with vivid splashes of color?  More subtle and sophisticated?  Hipster?  Formal?   Once you nail that down, it’s easier to plan outfits.
  • Coordinate your family’s outfits.  Find a common color and “weave” it through your family.  For example, let’s say you choose the color gray (awesome, neutral color).  An idea would be gray slacks for dad, mum wears gray scarf, son wearing gray polo, or choose a dress with small prints that have gray (or a similar shade) in them, etc.  Not every member of the family has to wear it, but you’re aiming to try to tie the look together, and color is one of the easiest ways to do it.
  • If you’re going for more subtle, softer colors, consider adding pops of color through your accessories (shoes, scarves, belts, hair accessories, etc.)
  • Consider allowing one person in your family to be the “wild card.”  Maybe that person is wearing a bold shade of green or a fun print.  If so, make sure that the other family members are complimenting that person and not competing with them.  In other words, you shouldn’t have other people also wear green or bold prints that might clash.
  • Layer up!  Fall is the perfect time of year to layer your clothes.  It adds texture, and also gives you more options of different looks without the hassle of changing outfits.
  • Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in.  Now isn’t the time to break in new shoes or wear anything tight or constricting.  If you’re not comfortable, it will show in the images.   Pick clothing that accentuate your best feature or make you feel good.  It will show in all the best ways!
  • Neutral colors (grey, beige, tan, white etc.) look classy and timeless and never go out of style.
  • Make use of textured fabrics (like lace, denim, or suede) to add an interesting visual element to your photos.
  • Do try to avoid styles that will become quickly outdated.
  • Make use of accessories, such as hats, headbands, scarves, and jackets to really add to your look.
  • When dressing a younger baby (a few months old), avoid clothing that might “swamp” them. Stick to simple, somewhat tight clothes like a cute, funky onesie or romper or cool, colourful nappy covers.
  • A fun little tutu makes a great accessory for little girls. Flowing tulle skirts or other items made of similar material can add a wonderful sense of movement to your images.


  • Don’t have too many competing large prints (i.e. mom in polka dots and dad wearing bold stripes).
  • Moms and girls: watch out for those hair rubber bands wrapped around your wrists. (I do this a lot as well).  You’d be surprised how distracting they are in photos, so I’ll be asking you to remove them before we begin our session.
  • Don’t make your clothes too matchy-matchy and avoid all-white or all-black combos. Instead, try to find outfits that compliment each other in both colour and design.
  • Avoid clothes with logos/characters or loud patterns. They act as distractions and draw the viewer’s eyes away from the photo’s main subject– you.
  • Don’t forget about your shoes!! They will also be showcased in your photos. Boots, for example, look great with many different outfit combos (jeans, leggings, skirts, etc.) and can really tie your family’s outfits together. Avoid trainers, crocs, and white socks.
  • Avoid wearing watches and sunglasses, and please do not keep your mobile phone in your pocket during the shoot (it creates strange line patterns on your trousers)!
 Here are a few family outfit combinations to use as a guide.  Happy planning!
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Some great Autumnal Colour combinations
And finally, to find your own palette, I absolutely adore Design Seeds – click here !

Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs June

I had rather an exciting visit to Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs yesterday. It started by me thinking i might attempt GHD curls for the first time, and burning my finger. It then got a little better picking up one of my brilliant friends, Andrea and starting on our journey to SYD. We stopped off at the pet shop on the way to get some treats for the SYD dogs, got back in the car and the car wouldn’t go brum ! Cue broken down selfie whilst waiting on the car being fixed. 2015-06-15_0011.jpg

SYD had recieved an influx of new arrivals. All super excited to see us and all incredibly gorgeous and friendly.

The first dog we met was Cooper. He stole my heart with the most beautiful eyes, a desire for cuddles and not a single (terrier-typical) bark.

Next we were lucky enough to meet the stunning Dixie. When Dixie arrived at SYD she was very shy I am told, but she has clearly relaxed now, as you can see from her photographs.


Missy came along third. A beautiful girl, brimming with energy and playfulness and so very happy. I think this girl is going to be in demand from anyone who meet her. Her smile is contageous !!


Last but not least we met two lovely brothers. Here you can see Flash. Flash is excited by life and has such a wonderful personality.


And Sox who is more of a snuggler and loves human affection.


SYD still have the lovely Larry and Bailey awaiting homes. You can meet them in my previous posts. SYD rely solely on the support of donations and volunteers. So, even if you can’t offer one of these lovely dogs a home. Please consider taking them for walks from kennels, fostering, or even just donating. The annual SYD Summer Fair and Dog show is happening next month and it’s sure to be brilliant. I hope to see you there !!

Contact SYD HERE or give them a call : 07562986101

These dogs are so deserving, here’s hoping they have the living homes they deserve soon.

XX ~Lucy

The Shaw Family


Last weekend I had the honour of working with this amazing family. Marysia moved to the UK as a nanny, some years ago and met her husband who was then serving in the armed forces. A few years later, the are married with the most precious daughter.


As a family who spend much of their time on different sides of the globe due to work commitements, capturing these moments for them, was truly precious.


Their beautiful daughter was quite enchanted with the scenery and in many of the photo’s she is hiding away a pine cone or a flower which she has found.


Distance sure does make the heart grow stronger, such a wonderful family.

Thank you Marysia for having me caprure these moments for you.


Kathryn & Daisy


On Saturday afternoon, I was invited to Escrick Park, equine-qualified best friend in tow, wellies on, ready to do a little horse whispering and grab some photo’s in the process. Little did I know, I was about to meet the most well behaved horse ever !


Working quite frequently with animals, I go into these sessions with a bucket full of patience with a mind-set of working around the animals behaviors. Daisy however, was absolutely majestic. Gracefully she would adhere to her pose and calmly and elegantly wait for her photo to be taken.


I had an absolute blast getting to know the equally esquiste Kathryn and Daisy.


Daisy is set for pastures new, where she will be heading up the ladder to horsey stardom. She is already clearing some very impressive jumps.



It was great at the end of the session to see Daisy to also have a little stomp in the water. I stood anxiously waiting for her to belt out of the pond and soak me. But she was a true lady.


Kathryn, it was a real pleasure. Thank you.

The White Family (The extended Version)

Last Autumn I had the pleasure of capturing some moments of Samantha’s beautiful family. You may remember seeing an absolutely adorable pre-schooler dressed as Superman !

I was elated to be invited back to capture some memories of her extended family, including her sister, brother in law and their daughters, her grandma and her father who had travelled in from Florida.


The weather in our shrt session, thre everything at us. High wind, rain and alas sunshine.


The cousins were all super close and very well behaved.


And they loved getting chance to spend some time with their Grandpa.


At a location with a huge family sentiment.


Sam, you know where I am if you would like your return visit to Florida documenting (wink wink).


The Littler Family

It’s not very often I get three generations in one photo-shoot but this week, it happened. And oh boy, did these guys melt my heart.


The grandchildren don’t see each other too often living in different counties, but their bond was just beautiful.




I am now realizing that “The Running Shot” is becoming a “thing”, having had a number of requests for it now.


Thanks Littler family for having me capture these moments, you guys were brillinat !!

Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs May 2015

Today we were welcomed to SYD by some brilliant weather and new and old faces.

Those of you with a keen eye will recognize the lovely, lovely Larry. He’s now been with Saving Yorkshire’s Dog’s for two and a half years. He really is the most affectionate chap. A little uneasy around other dogs, but this guy has so much love to give. He absolutely loved playing hide and seek in the long grasses.



Teddy we also met last month. Today it was brilliant to see him bounding and playing. Teddy is very friendly towards all and incredibly handsome.



Our first new face is Alfie 3rd. Alfie lis only two, a fifth generation KC Pedigree and  loves playing fetch. It took a few minutes for me to get eye contact with him but once he relaxed, he loves a good cuddle !



Finally we met Sox, a new arrival with quite a sad story. Slowly settling in to life at SYD, but I have no doubt his wonderful personality with wow any he meets with and he won;t be there for long.



Many thanks to the volunteers at SYD who keep these dogs so immensly happy, well trained and most importantly, loved. You can chat more with Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs Here.  SYD rely solely on the support of volunteers and donations. If you feel you can help in any way, wether it be walking the dogs or even adopting, please drop them a line.

{ a v e r y b r i l l i a n t f a m i l y }

Two pre-schoolers, a love of the outdoors and yet utterly glamorous. I have a feeling Mummy is a little bit of a secret style guru. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these guys and my oh my, they get even better the more you know them.

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

Their eldest is an absolute super star in the making. Usually add ten years to her age, and the children might have some requests, but she already did ! A running shot ! I hope she likes them.

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

I love love love their co-ordinated outfits ! And I think their idea of having portraits always at the same location to see the change in seasons is just beautiful.

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

Their gorgeous little chap has grown incrediby since our last meeting six months ago. His smile is absolutely delightful and I dare say he might be fighting the girls off with charms like his.

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

I did wonder where I would go if I chose to have my portraits in one location and I still cannot decide. I’m so in love with this little patch of Yorkshire. Where would you go ?

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

{some treasured Daddy&Daughter / Father & Son shots}

family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

Thank you so much Victoria for having me capture these moments of your wonderful family.family photographer harrogate ripon boroughbridge

Dogs in the woods

Okay so I think we all know I love working with dogs , but three at a time ! This was brilliant !!

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

My joy started the moment I landed in the woods whilst most were having their weekend sleep-in. Then these beautiful three came bounding up to me.

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

The light was flooding through the trees like a photographers dream. AND we found bluebells too !!

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

A real mix of personalities, it was fantastic to see how the dynamics worked (I’ve been told by my behaviourist friend, Positively Canine, that I’m not allowed to use the word “pack”).

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

They are the apple of their Mum and Dad’s eye and a real credit to all the training they put in.

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

Although admittedly, leads may have been photoshopped out in a few pictures, as the woods were new to the dogs and just so VERY exciting for them.

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

It’s moments like this I am reminded that I have the best job in the world.

Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

Enjoy your weekend 🙂
Dog Photographer Boroughbridge Easingwold Harrogate

Rising to the top…

So these guys are my neighbours. They are like THE most exciting (in the best way possible) neighbours you could ever hope for. I can hear their laughs all the way on the other side of the street , oh and they know how to do a seriously good BBQ.

The sunsets have been heating up of late so it was a great opportunity to head to the beautiful fields up the road and see what could happen. Oh my can these girls peform. I serioeusly believe they will be Britains’ Olympic gymnastic hopes in years to come… and I think they’re on trak, competeing at various levels, permorming incredibly on the results boards and having a super supportive family.

The mum of this family is a Cornwall lover, so I tried to edit emulate the coastal, matte, breezy images which are so lovingly usually used for the British coast.

North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye

One of my best out-takes yet !

!North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye

Seriosuly feeling inspired by this families motivation !!
North Yorkshire Gymnast Photographer Fleur Moye